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Six days pilgrimage to Rome
Christopher Page

116 pages
Illustrated in colour
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2006 was a Jesuit Jubilee year, marking the 450th anniversary of the death of St Ignatius Loyola, and the 500th anniversary of the births of St Francis Xavier and the Blessed Pierre Favre.

To mark this celebration, the Stonyhurst community went on pilgrimage along the old Via Francigena to Rome, the party of over 90 comprising staff, pupils, parents and OS led by Fr John Twist SJ, Fr Matthew Power SJ and Fr Jock Dalrymple.

The Via Francigena is the ancient pilgrimage route to Rome, which in recent years has enjoyed a steady revival of interest. The last English guide to the Via was written by Archbishop Sigeric of Canterbury, in the form of a diary recording his return from Rome in the tenth century. Current guides are available in Italian, but no English version exists.

St Omers Press published a limited edition of 200 handbooks for use by the Stonyhurst pilgrims, The Good Way. This comprised three sections, 'The Way', made up of maps showing the route from Orvieto to Rome, 'The Truth', being the liturgies for the Easter Octave, morning, evening and night prayers, the Angelus, Rosary, text for Benediction etc and other prayers. The final section, 'The Light', comprises texts and reflections on the theme of pilgrimage, with particular emphasis on Ignatius and his companions.

A revised reprint is planned for general sale, guiding pilgrims over a six day pilgrimage to Rome and effectively becoming the only English guide to the Via Francigena in print today. For up-to-date information, please contact enquiries@stomerspress.co.uk.

Six walks around Stonyhurst history
Christopher Page

160 pages
Illustrated in colour

"They had a very sensible custom by which one class-period a week, known as Peripatetics, was devoted to a guided tour to the boys of the treasures of the College." ( Christopher Hollis, The Seven Ages)

Taking the old tradition of the Perpatetics classes as his inspiration, Christopher Page has produced an up-to-date re-writing of the old Stonyhurst Handbook, presented in a large and attractive format and richly illustrated throughout in colour with new and old photographs.

Essays and studies on the Stonyhurst Collections
ed. Jan Graffius

ca. 36 pages

This is a revival of the original Arundell Series published in the early years of the last century. The monographs will deal with aspects of the collections and buildings, literary works associated with Stonyhurst, and the Jesuit mission in education. This new series, edited by Jan Graffius, Curator at Stonyhurst, is published in a uniform format, to make re-binding in a single volume possible.